Kadeen Carrington
  1.  A player that is 15 years old, can not turn 16 until the next calendar year. Like wise for
       players in the 12 & 10U division - can not turn  until the next calendar year!
  2.  Any team using an ineligible player will forefeit those games he has competed in.
  3.  Protest: NONE: All decisions by game officials & tournament personnel are final.
  4.  All players must provide Birth Certificates or Passports on request.   All proof must
      be turned in before first league game.
  5.  All rosters are frozen after 4th game.  All names for official roster must be in the
      books  by 4th game.
  6.  All coaches are responsible for their behavor, as well as their players/teams
  7.  Any player engaging in a fight will automatically be ejected from the league.  Any
       verbal abuse of league officials will result in a 1 game suspension or expulsion from
       the league.
  8.  Forfeit time is 15 minutes after scheduled game time.
  9. All players must wear league shirts and shorts... or they will not be allowed to play.
10.  Defaced Shirts will result in 2 technical foul shots before each game.
Rules Governing The League:
The Play & Awards:
11.  Team Awards - will be awarded to the 1st & 2nd place finalist.

12.  All players must wear basketball shoes.

13.  Time periods will consist of 4... 6 minute quarters - running time.  The clock will only
       stop on shooting fouls and timeouts.  It also will stop the last minute of the 1st half
       and the last minute of the 4th quarter.  Overtime will consist of a 2 minute quarter.
       The clock stopping the last 30 seconds of the overtime period.

15.   One and one occurs on the 7th team foul.  Beginning with the 10th foul, 2 free throw
       will be awarded.

16.   Player foul out on the 6th foul.

17.   Time outs: 3 full time time outs and 2 - 20 seconds time outs that can be used at any